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Buying Beef

You have the opportunity to purchase the beef in 2 ways. By the ½ or the ¼ hanging side as explained below, or by the smaller freezer packs.

Purchasing this way is similar to years gone by how our grandmothers would get the beef. It would fill their freezers for the winter and they would have a good supply to last them most of the year. You are able to have the choice of cuts on the ½ side. We will work directly with you or have the butcher assist you in your choices. You are also able to get the offal & bones if you choose. This consists of the liver, kidney, oxtail, heart & tongue.

Purchasing a ½ or a ¼ really is purchasing a ½ an animal or a quarter respectively; a half would contain all the cuts shown in our product page.

The amount of the actual meat that you would receive greatly depends on the size of the carcass, but typically our half has been averaging 225lbs of beef. This would feed a family of 4 for approximately a year – all depending on the amount of beef you eat throughout the year.

Quarter side is very similar to the half. What we do is mix the front and hind side so you get both the choice cuts and the stew cuts. We then match you up with another customer that has similar needs in cut sizes as you. You also have the choice of the offal and the bones. This consists of the liver, kidney, oxtail, heart & tongue. The average size of a 1/4 is between 115-120 lbs of meat.

Also, we sell our products by the 30 or 60lb freezer packs. These come prepackaged for you in brown wax paper & labeled.

To buy now contact us by phone (604-581-2665) or email

Beef Price List

Sample 30lb River Pack – $255.00 Sample 60lb Island Pack – $510.00
Product Lbs Kg
Lean Burger 4 1.81
Stew Meat 4 1.81
Blade Steaks 2.67 1.21
Rib Steaks 2.55 1.15
T-Bone Steaks 2.13 0.96
Sirloin Tip Steaks 1.05 0.48
Sirloin Tip Roast 3.08 1.39
Bottom/eye round 2.32 1.05
Top Round Roast 3.84 1.74
X Rib Roast 3.33 1.51
Short Ribs 2.21 1
Total 31.17 14.10
Product Lbs Kg
Lean Burger 17.04 7.71
Stew Meat 6.01 2.72
Blade Steaks 6.45 2.92
Rib Steaks 4.82 2.18
T-Bone Steaks 3.78 1.71
Sirloin Tip Steaks 1.61 0.73
Sirloin Tip Roast 2.81 1.27
Bottom/eye round 6.20 2.80
Top Round Roast 6.51 2.94
X Rib Roast 4.31 1.95
Short Ribs 2.82 1.28
Total 62.36 28.22

*A half or a quarter costs $8.50/lb. All prices are in Canadian dollars

Buying Goat Meat

Available is the whole goat at $3.00/lb for the live goat . Processing charges are extra and price is available on request.  Pr-orders are strongly recommended as goat meat is available in-season only. A 50% deposit is required when ordering the goat .


To buy now contact us by phone (604-581-2665) or email

*All prices are in Canadian dollars